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About - Cite Group

Cite Group is a dynamic Sydney based property development company. Our business focuses on the development of new residential buildings and is committed to providing quality-made properties in prime locations. Our company is built on experience, healthy returns and efficiency.

Our buildings are making their mark on the property market for all the right reasons.

Quite simply, we understand property. We know how to capitalise on its potential and maximize investment for our investors. Our unique combination of expertise in property and our conservative risk-assessment processes allow us to uncover realistic opportunities for attractive returns.

Cite Group is made up of a group of companies. The construction of new projects is generally outsourced, with Cite Group performing the Development Manager role. This structure enables our specializations to provide flexibility, market knowledge and design consciousness and has allowed us to move through different markets, from the development of affordable projects through to high-end developments.

What sets Cite Group apart from most other developers is not size. We are a relatively small but a rapidly growing company. What sets us apart is our ability to punch above our weight and successfully develop properties which are the envy of our larger competitors and which are highly desired by home-buyers and investors. Our ambitious and well–designed buildings are making their mark on the property market for all the right reasons. Combined with our extensive contacts with business partners and suppliers, we believe we have a business strategy that succeeds and which gives us an edge in the property market.

We’re proud of our property development portfolio… It’s a portfolio full of success stories and reasons why Cite Group is such a strong and dynamic company.


Over the years Cite Group has worked closely with investors on numerous projects and we continue to maintain strong relationships with our financial partners. We offer joint venture partners benefits such as property title security, creative projects and deal pipeline. Each project is developed individually, is assessed on its merits and is coordinated by an experienced team. Cite Group continues to make timely and insightful investments in key commercial and residential locations. Our strength lies in our ability to identify opportunities, review their potential and then invest for maximum results.
We use proven research methods and prudent risk management techniques to ensure healthy profits for our shareholders.