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Apartments vs. Houses


In all the hustle and bustle of the city of Sydney, apartment living is becoming more popular and there are many reasons why. The growing trend of these types of new development in Sydney, such as residential unit buildings and mixed-used structures, are variables of a more dense city, rising housing prices and adaptation to lifestyle changes. The options are profoundly available these days with opportunities to even buy off-the-plan before the completion of construction.

Here are our top 5 benefits of apartment living for Sydneysiders:

Being Part of a Community

Living in a shared building heightens the sense of community. Apartment complexes often allow for individuals to meet new people and interact with those who have common interests or lifestyles. By getting to know your many neighbours, it can also strengthen security and peace of mind in living in this type of dwelling.

Access to Facilities

Many residential and mixed-use developments have greater amenities such as swimming pools and even gyms. Often being in close proximity to public places, transport and grocery stores, further gateways open to broaden the advantages and convenience of being in an apartment complex. Residents are in most cases are also granted accessibility and this of course eases and excites your lifestyle.

Easier Upkeep

Cleaning and maintenance is often more time-efficient in an apartment setting. In some instances, being smaller than a household and having less living space, means the chores are less and the free time is more. Many residential buildings also have dedicated property managers who will deal with any issues, repairs and general care of the premises, making maintenance seamless.


With average house prices in the Australian market increasing, apartments are often more feasible, especially for younger generations. If opting for rent, financial costs can be kept to a minimum as it often less than a home mortgage. This is also factored into monthly payments covering expenses and utilities at the responsibility of landlords.

Location! Location! Location

Location is key. Residential developments are being built in thriving suburbs and flourishing areas. For more city-based living, apartments in trending areas are often easier to attain than houses.

As property developers, we understand that residential complexes must be ideally located; provide access to resources; assure safety and security; and boast stylish interiors and exteriors. With a prime focus on residential buildings, we are committed to quality-made properties, applying our expertise through extensive market research and experience.

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