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Interior Design Tips: Warm up your home this winter


The winter season is finally upon us which means we’re in for shorter days and cooler nights. Winter is a great time to host intimate dinner parties with family and friends and fill your home with laughter and good company. Your sophisticated home can radiate warmth and modern style without compromising sleek design. Cite Group help you to transform your home into a cosier and more welcoming space this winter using these simple tips:

Natural Elements

Contemporary homes can often come off as cold. If you’re accustomed to modern décor, your might already incorporate cool furniture: metal chairs, glass tables and steel-frame couches. It’s time to infuse some warmth into these cool spaces by incorporating some rustic colours and textures. Try warming up the atmosphere with a chestnut wood side table or draping a natural hide across the arm of your couch. Aim for a warmer focus by swapping metal photo frames for timber ones or introducing wooden art pieces to for a rustic look.


Winter is the time to turn up the heat in your home and one of the best ways to enjoy the season is by gathering around the fireplace. If you don’t have fireplace, invest in a portable one to create a natural ambience. If you want to be more environmentally conscious this winter, and save on your electricity bills, then layering will be your best alternative. Consider incorporating textured rugs or adding oversized knits to beds and couches.


Adopting on-trend colours can be one of the easiest ways to create lavish interiors. If your home colour palette is already neutral, try giving it some depth by experimenting with colours such as emerald green, navy and burgundy. Keep in mind that sultry hues give your space a moody feel and will make larger room feel cozy, while a mix of lighter colours will add focal points to create depth.


There’s no doubt that our needs change as winter sets in, and given light affects our mood so much, it’s something you need to get right in your home. With shorter days and longer nights, you need to maximise what natural light is still available. Consider hanging a large rustic framed mirror on a blank stretch of wall or above a mantel display as it will reflect light throughout your space. The key to creating warm, cosy light in the winter is integrating low level lighting or introducing lamps in each room, rather than one pendant light emitting everything from the centre. You can also try scattering candles in your living space to create that a warm and cosy atmosphere.

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