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Off the plan apartments in Sydney: Here’s what you need to look out for


Although there are many eye-catching brochures displaying luxurious, beautifully designed off the plan apartments, these designs can sometimes be deceiving. 

In saying this, buying off the plan does deliver amazing features and amenities that other apartments do not offer. 

If you’re considering an off the plan apartments sydney, it is crucial to assess all the elements before signing any agreement. 

Foremost, it is incredibly crucial to understand what an off the plan property is.

Buying off the plan simply means you are committing to purchase a property that has not yet been built. This can have potential benefits for buyers including affordability, flexibility and convenience. 

When it comes to purchasing an off the plan apartment in Sydney, you are unable to view the completed project or take a real-life tour. Instead, you are presented with architectural designs, numerous brochures and lists of amenities and features of your future investment. For some, this isn’t an issue. However, for others, not being able to see the ‘real thing’ can be the deal breaker. 

As you are most probably aware of, off the plan apartments have a range of benefits assisting you financially. However, what many do not realise is the various other values an off the plan apartment has to offer to Sydney siders today. 

Off the plan designs are irresistible 

New, clean, crisp and flawless amenities with that ‘fresh home smell’. This already sounds like a selling point for many! 

Off the plan apartments, are newly designed which means they incorporate the latest design trends, modern features and upgraded technologies as part of the apartment description. Constructed with the most cutting-edge designs and contemporary features, these apartments become the perfect dwelling for the 21st-century adult. 

Off the plan apartments are specifically designed to maximise space, incorporating open living plans, an abundance of natural light and light-toned amenities. The choice is yours when the time comes to choose an apartment. With off the plan property, buyers are able to choose the property they most desire from the entire development. 

With a choice between the following, buyers are now spoiled:

  • A variety of floor plans
  • Different designs 
  • Choice of the desired view

Off the plan apartments exhibiting state-of-the-art amenities

Off the plan apartments in Sydney are furnished with some of the finest finishes and features that are easily appealing to any buyer. These features can include;

  • Infinity pools
  • Indoor & outdoor spas
  • Private cinemas
  • Private gyms/work out rooms 
  • Awe-inspiring entrances 
  • Upstairs living, downstairs retail and dining experiences

These provide a luxurious standard of living for occupants with added convenience and lavishness.

Some of these apartments off the plan sydney also have communal spaces for residents where they are able to spend time bonding and developing a sense of community. Many modern apartment developers are trying to provide occupants with this sense of community to ensure that even though apartment living, it does not discount the  idea of being part of a ‘neighbourhood.’ 

Off the plan and quality tenants 

Off the plan apartments are also a great investment opportunity. If you are purchasing one with a plan to make it an investment, we have some good news for you! Off the plan apartments attract tenants of a higher calibre due to the modern luxurious designs, contemporary facilities. These apartments are usually also in prime locations with convenient access to work environments. 

Save money with off the plan apartments

Off the plan apartments have the major advantage of being much more affordable than regular apartments that are already developed. These apartments are affordable due to government incentives and potential tax benefits. 

Off the plan apartments in Sydney also only require a 10% deposit as a down payment with. This allows tenants to save money while the development is in construction, reducing their loan in the long run. 

Convenience is crucial: guess what? Off the plan provides just that

Off the plan apartments developed in Sydney are located in prime locations in close proximity to many facilities, retail hubs and transport amenities. Providing residents with a convenient, enjoyable and easy lifestyle. 

These properties are constructed ‘brand new’ made with quality finishes. Hence needing very little maintenance and repairs. Residents don’t have to worry about the upkeep of their property for a long time, in comparison to older properties. 

Must have features you must look out for in an off the plan apartment 

Off the plan apartments often consist of a variety of features and amenities to choose from. It is important to understand what you DO and DO NOT need in your new home before committing to the purchase with no way out! 

Outdoor space

If you like to entertain and prefer to have a larger outdoor space, it is beneficial that you choose a floor plan that has a larger courtyard or balcony, allowing friends and family to enjoy when they visit. 

Fancy a view? Although this may up the asking price, some buyers prefer a nice outlook and don’t mind paying that little bit more. 

Parking spaces

Have a car but nowhere to park it? It is crucial that your off the plan apartment has a parking spot providing convenience, instead of struggling to look for street parking. If the apartment is in a busy area, they may not even be street parking. Make sure to check that your apartment has at least one parking space because you do not want to face the hassle after signing the contract. 

Communal facilities

Pools, spas, gyms and courtyard areas are definitely a must. These provide occupants with convenience when in regards to their leisurely activities. Why go out when you can enjoy these within the comfort of your own complex? Many new off the plan apartments are incorporating a rooftop garden. These are becoming increasingly popular and a great way to provide the property with an elevated look!

At Cite Group, we focus on new residential developments in sydney and are committed to providing occupants with the ultimate environment. With high-quality finishes, state-of-the-art facilities and modern designs, Cite Group does not disappoint. 

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