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Residential Developments in Smart Cities – Investment, Policy, Technology


To succeed in the 21st Century economy our cities need to be productive and accessible, but they also need to be liveable with a clear focus on serving their citizens.”
Smart Cities Plan, Commonwealth of Australia 2016 (touching on the future of Urban and Residential Developments Sydney wide)

Australia’s flourishing growth and prosperity is a result of knowledge and innovation. Amongst the country’s evolving cities, urban centres have greatly contributed to our economic, social and environmental wellbeing as a community. In response, the Green Building Council of Australia has announced the Smart Cities Plan. This Plan embraces new technology and data-driven solutions, as well as supporting development investment that will revolutionize life in urban areas and surrounding towns. As property development and investment continues to boom, it is essential the concept of “smart cities” is taken into accountability, delivering on the energy, environmental and efficiency benefits to Sydney’s population.

For new residential developments in Sydney, this means:

30 minute cities
This concept focuses on accessibility. As demonstrated by physicist Cesare Marchetti in the 90s, people will average no longer than 90 minute commutes to and from work. In most cases, if travel time exceeds this, people will search for an alternative method of transport, change jobs or even move homes. Based on this research, providing 30 minute cities ensures employment, schools or universities, recreational facilities and services are accessible within 30 minutes from home.

Green urban spaces
As cities grown and become denser, the requirement for multi-dwelling buildings, apartment buildings and medium density housing becomes more evident, as discussed here. These types of dwellings can sometimes mean less backyard or “green” space, which residents often thrive for. In considering this, we’re seeing growing trends in community spaces such as gardens, fields and parks. These green urban spaces are essential in improving air and water quality and safeguarding biological diversity. They enable greater connection between people and the environment and contribute to eco-friendliness.

City Deals
City Deals are forecasted to be delivered under the Plan’s Smart Policy. Under these Deals, governments, investment and community support will be directed to developments that foster economic growth, employment opportunities, housing affordability and improved quality of life. Through coordinated investment, City Deals will focus on delivering strategic outcomes across urban centres, such as Westmead, where local and state governments will work together to achieve common objectives in the best interest of the community.

The future of development across Sydney’s landscape is hopeful and promising. Smart Cities will not only provide more intelligent and long-term solutions for the community, but will deliver on the assurance of accessibility, efficiency and sustainability for generations to come.

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