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Sydney’s Booming West


Sydney’s population is booming and so are the Western Suburbs.

Topping lists in 2017’s growing suburbs’ projections, are areas including Blacktown, Westmead, Mays Hill, Northmead and Castle Hill to name a few. Although Sydney is known for its sunny beaches and iconic landmarks such as The Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Sydney Opera House, its equally as known for its suburban regions that provide great living arrangements for individuals, partners, families and communities.

Why the West?

There are various reasons for the rapid growth in this region, including:

  • Increased new development in sydney and larger masses of land to maximise building opportunities for developers, investors and residents
  • Enhanced infrastructure such as additional hospitals and Western Sydney Airport (Badgerys Creek)
  • Growing employment rates which has influenced better standards of living, affordability and the requirement for improved social aspects
  • Greater access to resources and interconnectedness with structures such as public transport and ease of commuting options
  • Rising investment opportunities for residential, commercial, retail, office and additional stakeholders
  • (although increasing) More attractive property prices and rental options than most other Sydney suburbs which is especially desirable for younger individuals, first-home buyers and so forth
  • Popularity of Parramatta as the “second CBD” and its increasing developments, infrastructure and even government expenditure on projects

These drivers of growth are allowing the entire Western region to perform better and achieve more desirable outcomes for properties in the district.

With improved and more efficient infrastructure, these suburbs are also within desirable proximity to the Sydney CBD thanks to improvements in roads and public transport methods. Additional lifestyle choices also include improvements in both primary schools and high schools; more commercial offices opening in western suburbs; long-term prospects for investors and social aspects such as urban restaurants and cafes, amongst other great social hubs.

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