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Property Investment in Sydney


For locals and overseas investors, Sydney boasts abundant benefits in the global property market. Australian property presents desirable long-term investment opportunities. While the country remains at the brink of urban transformation through infrastructure, transport, technology and the like, property development is one of the core contributors of exponential growth and the economy of the country.

With Sydney being the largest and most populous Australian city, as well as the country’s main financial centre, it is no doubt the reason that local and offshore investors choose to enter the Australian property market through this attractive city. Through picturesque coastal living across the Northern Beaches including Narrabeen and Collaroy, to relaxed suburban lifestyles in the Western Suburbs, including Westmead and Mays Hill, Sydney is fit for any way of life.

Top 5 Benefits of Investing in Sydney

  1. Stability

According to the United Nations, Australia ranks second in the world for its quality of life. This index is a measure of well-being, lifestyle, employment, wealth and more. The ranking endorses the country as an established and secure place, therefore making it a stable investment region.

  1. Economic Advantages

The strength and stability of the Australian economy was evident through its survival during and after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Tax incentives for property investment sydney also make property purchases all the more desirable for local and overseas stakeholders. This is in addition to adaptable and reasonable foreign investment policies.

  1. Cash Flow

When purchasing a property for investment rather than a place of residence, steady cash flow is almost a guarantee through rental opportunities. With high demand through locals looking to lease, or the growing trend of shared economy platforms such as Air Bnb which are desirable amongst tourists, generating income to meet mortgage repayments and ongoing costs is extremely prospective.

  1. Wide Appeal

Through globalisation and immense technological advancements, Australian capital cities, namely Sydney, have a fixed position on the world radar. Being international and cosmopolitan, Sydney is also a main financial headquarter, desirable business destination and picturesque holiday hotspot.

  1. Long-term Investment

Capitalising on Australia’s real-estate, investors benefit from long-term opportunities. Through increasing property prices, rental income, future sale prices and more, choosing to invest in Sydney in the present is almost an assurance of lasting potential.

At Cite Group, we invest a great deal of research into strategically selecting the right areas to develop in. We understand property and recognise opportunity. Our projects extend from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, including Wheeler Heights, Manly, Narrabeen, Collaroy, Brookvale, Mona Vale, and more; to the Western Suburbs including Westmead, Mays Hill, Parramatta, Liverpool, Castle Hill, and more.

With these many opportunities, we believe in fostering investment through different packages. We focus on developing fruitful business relationships and abundant financial openings. To find out more about investing in residential or commercial real estate, contact us.