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Building the future of Parramatta – one property development at a time


Parramatta is quite quickly becoming one of the most happening places in all of Sydney. The geographic centre of global Sydney, the Central River City is experiencing unprecedented growth and transformation. It’s a place that’s growing by the day and bringing incredible opportunities to its diverse community members With rapid economic growth and a preposterous standard of living, it’s no surprise that more people than ever before are looking to call Parramatta home. To keep up with the ever-increasing demand for residential homes, Cite Group is working hard to add versatile, future-focused and diverse properties to the skyline.

The wide range of Parramatta development include everything from multi-residential high-rises to gated estates and master-planned communities. While each project is underpinned by an unwavering sense of quality, these spaces are also designed to capitalise on their unique potential and maximise investment opportunities – whether it’s a new family home for someone or an addition to an expanding portfolio for another.

What sets Cite Group apart from most developers is not just the standard of our work, but the ability to recognize a corridor of growth and create the spaces our community needs to enjoy everything a region has to offer. It’s a clear focus that drives everything we do and is what inspired our increased focus on the Parramatta region. Want to hear more? Read on to discover why Cite Group is committed to helping build the future of Parramatta.

Three reasons why Cite Group is building the future of Parramatta

1. It’s a region of development and growth
Over the next five years, $20 billion will be invested into Parramatta’s infrastructure and development, giving rise to unprecedented development in Parramatta’s precincts and allowing spaces and places to flourish. It’s a pipeline of development and growth that promises diverse and rich experiences for workers, residents, students and visitors.

With an ever growing number of projects popping up across the city, Parramatta will see more new jobs created than ever before. Whether you work in hospitality and tourism or commerce and corporate sectors, you may just find your next biggest career move right here. When you level-up your career, you’ll want to do so knowing you’ve got the perfect place to retreat at the end of the day and enjoy your time outside of the office – which is exactly what Cite Group is keeping at the forefront of everything we’re doing.

2. It’s seeing a rapid economic growth
Parramatta’s development boom is not only injecting money into the local economy by creating more jobs, but it’s also driving up the value of properties across the region. To paint the picture – Parramatta is transforming business investment in NSW with a $31 billion GRP dollar economy in the year ending June 2020, growing 2.5% since the previous year.

For investors, this makes it a great time to purchase a residential property and capitalise on the increasing number of renters looking to lease a place of their own. For those looking to purchase a home of their own, now is the time to get into the market by purchasing a property that will only go up in value in the years to come.

3. It’s a vibrant place for everyday life
Quite simply put, life in Parramatta is vibrant. Whether it’s a mid-week catch up or a weekend celebration, there’s always something happening in this bustling city. It’s where world-class thinking and leading-edge infrastructure meet a thriving community ambience and fantastic facilities. Parramatta also serves up plenty of delicious eats, including everything from Indian curries to woodfired pizzas. You can taste the flavour of the city on any given night of the week, no matter what you feel like eating.

Between three major sports stadiums across the Parramatta LGA and big screens in most of the local bars, you’ll also always have a front row seat to watch your team take home the winning prize. Then, you can kick on afterwards at the growing number of bars and clubs across the city.

For a lifestyle that good, why wouldn’t Cite Group want to give people the opportunity to experience it for themselves?

In the words of the local council, Parramatta is “where it’s at!”. Now that Cite Group has recognized just how much this beautiful city has to offer, we’re going above and beyond to ensure we focus on Parramatta for new residential developments Sydney. To hear more about our current and upcoming projects, reach out to our team today.