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Ultimate Guide: How to Make New Apartments in the Northern Beaches Attractive to Buyers


As property developers in Northern Beaches, one of our primary sources of profits is from the selling of new apartments. At Cite Group, many of these apartments are located in one of the hottest locations for both renters and buyers – Northern Beaches. It will come as no surprise to most people that Northern Beaches is prime real estate for many property development companies, meaning that buyers and tenants are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting which property they would like to rent or buy. To remain competitive in this market, we have to ensure that our properties are developed with the target market of the Northern Beaches community in mind. Let’s take a look at how we’ve managed to develop properties that are consistently attractive to this community.

The Northern Beaches community is unique

People who live in Northern Beaches have a very different lifestyle than those who live in other parts of our city and state. The beautiful area is home to impressive coastal views, enjoys close proximity to the beach from almost any suburb and also boasts of lush parks and forestry.

So what does this mean for our target market?

The Northern Beaches community takes pleasure in its laid back, beach lifestyle and consists of families as well as young professionals. Generally, people live a little slower in Northern Beaches when compared with the city. There’s a greater emphasis on enjoying nature, specifically the beach, and a more casual approach to life. This greatly impacts the type of properties that the market will be interested in or find attractive. 

For example, in the City of Sydney, we develop apartments with convenience, luxury and career-centred lifestyles in mind. This is not to say that apartments in the Northern Beaches aren’t luxurious – they are – however, we’ve found that people generally prefer coastal-chic aesthetics that blend in with the area’s natural surroundings as well as apartments that accommodate the beachside lifestyle that most people live.

As a result of the differences among the suburbs in our state, we’ve developed a guide for making future apartments in Northern Beaches attractive to our target market. In this article, we’ll share this guide with you so that you can garner insight into what is appreciated by the residents of Northern Beaches. 

The following are features we have found to be extremely popular with buyers and renters in Northern Beaches.

  • Floor to ceiling windows or doors

The undeniable beauty of Northern Beaches Apartments for Rent comes from its impressive views. With dwellings in Northern Beaches, you are either privileged to brilliant views of the beach, lush gardens or forests or even of your charming suburb. 

We like to develop our apartments with these views in mind. It’s a natural focal point, an effortless attraction point and an undeniable benefit. To frame these views, floor to ceiling windows or doors offer breathtaking views with minimal disruption. When buyers walk into the apartment, the view will be the obvious selling point. People who want to live in Northern Beaches know its beauty. So, what better way to sell your apartment than to celebrate the suburb’s beauty?

  • Hardwood floors

You may think that hardwood floors are a given in almost any apartment, however, several still use carpets and tiles. Hardwood floors are timeless and an almost instant selling point. It prevents your development from becoming dated too quickly and complements the beachside elegance of Northern Beaches, especially if a light grey wood is used. Bonus point: Who wants to walk on carpet after a day of surfing?

Hardwood floors are also quite durable. While you can’t see durability, especially in new apartments, many informed buyers are aware of this quality, making it incredibly popular. As hardwood floors are considered an investment for most buyers, it is a prime selling point for apartments.

  • Large balconies and outdoor living areas

Outdoor areas and balconies are very popular with this target market. Though most Sydneysiders treasure their time outdoors, those who live in Northern Beaches particularly treasure their views and are generally more likely to appreciate a large outdoor entertaining area.

Balconies, verandahs and decks are lucrative features to include in your design plan. We recommend carefully locating balconies in the direction of the beach if your location permits. Generally, every element in your apartment should be designed and angled in a way that is favourable to its surroundings, views and the facilitation of natural light and natural ventilation.

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