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Off the Plan Apartments in Sydney Promoting Sustainable Living


More than ever, Australians are adopting sustainable living habits to ensure that our environment isn’t compromised for the future. 

Whether it is in day to day affairs by using less plastic and more recyclable items, supporting businesses that encourage being environmentally friendly or opting for appliances that use less electricity, sustainable living is becoming more than just a trend for many Sydney-siders. 

With Australia’s population forecasted to increase to between 37.4 and 49.2 million people by 2066 (according to ABS), environmental sustainability and carbon footprint are an increasing concern. It is also even more of a reason as to the increase in high-density apartment housing. 

At Cite Group, we encourage the construction of sustainable brand new apartments sydney, using both environmentally friendly and economical appliances, as well as building material to promote a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way of life for all Sydney residents. 

Here are five reasons why choosing off the plan apartments in Sydney is a great choice:

The best part of choosing to buy an off the plan apartment in Sydney is that you will be able to secure an apartment at a locked-in price while reaping the benefits later on. 

Off the plan also has its advantages because buyers can choose their most preferred apartment before the rest go on the market. 

  • Fewer carbon emissions per capita 

Apartment living is often seen as more sustainable than single houses because of the location of most apartment buildings being located near public transport facilities, which means less transmission of carbon emissions from cars.  

  • Less water usage

Apartment living encourages less water usage with fewer things to upkeep around the house, such as frequent garden maintenance. Watering the garden with a hose every couple of days or so consumes a significant amount of water, as opposed to watering pot plants with a controlled amount of water using a watering can. 

Less water usage means the people of Sydney will save on energy costs, by using less energy for heating, pumping, and treating water.

  • Save on electricity usage

Nowadays, apartments are being sustainably built with landlords encouraged to weatherproof doors and windows. 

This means that no matter what the weather is, doors and windows will be able to withstand it, especially the extreme weather that Australians so often experience during different seasons. 

Most apartments install energy-efficient electrical appliances which help to reduce energy usage per capita. Examples include washing machines, dryers, dishwashers as well as even motion sensor lighting for the hallway and balcony if applicable. 

  • Insulation 

Apartments are usually built with natural insulation and weather resistant doors and windows. This means the apartment will be kept cooler in the warmer months throughout the year and vice versa in the cooler months. 

This will ensure that apartment dwellers will require less usage of appliances to regulate the temperature which is a far more sustainable option which will also save on energy costs throughout the year. 

  • Fewer maintenance costs

Buying an off the plan apartment means Australians have less to worry about when it comes to general household maintenance costs. 

Another benefit of buying an off the plan apartment is that everything is brand new. Not only the property itself but all the interiors, fittings and any included kitchen and bathroom appliances.  This significantly reduces maintenance costs and because they are brand new, you will not need to re-furnish or decorate the space for a little while. 

  • Tax benefits

If you intend on purchasing an off the plan apartment as an investment property, you could save thousands of dollars by benefiting from tax deductions as part of the NSW Government legislation. 

In other words, if an off the plan apartment has been purchased as an investment,  you are entitled to claim its depreciation against your tax return.

In saying this, while there may be great benefits of buying off the plan, it is highly advised that before making any purchase decisions with any property, to consult a financial advisor to ensure your financial stability and capabilities. 

The implementation of cost-effective and quality sustainability upgrades in upcoming apartment buildings will improve the performance of buildings and reduce running costs. 

At Cite Group, we are proud of our developments all throughout Sydney, with three developments currently in progress, two that are situated in Sydney’s West and one in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. All of which are on track to being completed in 2019-20.

For more information on purchasing an off the plan apartment, speak to one of our friendly team members today on 02 8488 5828 or send an email enquiry to